Love Will Win

Lyrics By Andersen Storm © 2023
Song was written, perrformed and recorded by Andersen Storm 2023

Maybe you suddenly will find out
That the world you thought to see
Not is the world for other too
What will you do?

Maybe you lacking a new soul food,
Better edible, to chew too
And maybe healthier for you
What will you do?

When you believe to leave the circle is a sin
When you’ll be looked down as a fool with a grin
When you get out of it and wont coming back in
Maybe you don’t feel:
Love will win. (But it will.)

Maybe you do not feel the win
Right from the moment at begin
Until a change will coming in
Will you lastin’?

Maybe your friends have left you all
Right from the moment they meant you’ll fall
You’ve never thought of them that way
What will you pray?

When you think leaving the circle is just hard
When you struggle to find light in your heart
When you get rid of them and realize your path
Maybe then you think:
Love will win. (And it will.)

Maybe you miss the sign of change
Where you’ll feel better a strange way
But there a moments when you grow
What will you know?

And then the day you’re heading to
Where you are steady, bold and strong
You have been waiting for so long
What will you do?

When you don’t think about circles anymore
When you know there’s so much out there to adore
When you love yourself as it should be from within
You’ll be sure. Love will win.