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May 2021

Out now!

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Album “So weit” on YouTube Music

Song was released on April 23rd 2021

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Hello, I’m Andersen Storm. Welcome to my website!

This is an exiting time. My first Single “Yes, No, Maybe” (in German called “Nu nee, ist klar”) has come out half a year ago.

In these unpredictable times of pandemic it’s hard to see how many songs musicians release on music streaming platforms. But nevertheless I will do so periodically. My next single in English language is in queue. And in March I will release my first full album in German language. According to my marketing budget it won’t get hyped easy. It’s hard to get supported by anyone when you start your music business.

So I am very thankful that you are here! Hope you like it and looking forward to hear from you! Stay healthy and stay tuned!