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New Year New Luck

That is the name of my new song releasing at February 1st 2021

One reason to start the blog here is to practice writing in English language. I use helping tools as given by Google or Deepl as well, sure. But the creating moment is completely thought and written down in English. I’m happy I can do so after a lot of self-learning through the last five years. Of course with apps usable on the cellphone and on the computer, so the device wasn’t that way deciding nor an apologize not to do so. And here I am–ready to talk to the world. I’m kidding. I’m not. But I understand and got a kind of poetic sense for lyrics, my own at least. And there are more important things for me today than someone who’s making fun of me because I mispronounced and used some words wrong.

Most important for me is now releasing my music and trying to make it heard.


I’m on tiktok now

And I have a lot to say so far. A LOT. So far. But …

I got reviews for my song Two Hearts

The sound of the electric guitar flowing gently throughout the song and the warm voice that seems to be quietly harmoniously. A song comfortable to listen to with a lyrical singing atmosphere. It blends well with the whispering dreamy voice, so it feels more affectionate.

a playlist curator

I let out my song Two Hearts that I have written in September 2020, at the first of November 2020 in a hurry because I needed it released on the Internet for a purpose. At this time I released another song Rainbow 2020 and used the few marketing mechanism you have without a budget for this song. So it was a silent release for Two Hearts, and as to expect no one was aware of this because no one had heard about it.


Hello World

Hello World is usually a placeholder for a better headline. But I like it here for my first blog post on my new website So: hello world! How are you?

This year 2020 has an extraordinary number, but it didn’t seem to become a good year. It started badly for me and got even crazier. And then it got exciting for me. Just for me this way. The world continues to tremble with a threatening and dangerous virus. Me too, but you know all this stuff.