Wenn Du Heut’ – Release Whit Monday, 2024-05-20

"Blaubeerblut" © Andersen Storm 2024
Release 20.05.2024

If you leave the house today, i.e. tomorrow, 20.05.2024, no ghost test will help you. The city is in danger. We all are.

And when did this start?

2009, at least when I look at the recording date of the release that sees the light of day tomorrow. And that makes the song “Wenn Du Heut'” by Andersen Storm Corona-proof. (Retracted spelling of the first German spelling reform, another case).

I’ll be honest: I would have liked to have reworked and remixed this song. But there is only this master from 2009 left. Too many computers have entered Nirvana in the meantime.

The song has only been performed in front of an audience twice so far: in 2009 at SIEBEN, a cinema reading by the Schmalz und Marmelade reading stage at Capitol Schwerin, and in 2024 at the 2nd successor 3aufA4 with Bea Voigt and Julia Gräfner Jules at Galerie KaOs the day before yesterday. We met a fantastic audience.

Will it stay that way? I was sorry about the song. So out with it in retro feel.

Release Andersen Storm “Wenn Du Heut'”, Whit Monday, 20.05.2024, wherever there’s music to stream.

And, of course, here ->

(Photo: “Blaubeerblut” Andersen Storm, © 2024)

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