Dear Arthur Valentin

Dear Arthur Valentin is a song written, produced and performed by Andersen Storm © 2021. The songs has been released on 2021-04-23.

Dear Arthur Valentin,
I send a song of mine,
cause I want you to know
you are loved.

Dear Arthur Valentin
the world is spinning fine
year after year for you,
because you are loved.

And even on those days
when you doubt, don’t know,
this song remains the same:
our love will grow.

Dear Arthur Valentin,
cause you’re a grand son of mine,
I really know that truth:
You are loved.

Dear Arthur Valentin,
world’s meaning is still fine,
as long as you believe
that there is love.

And even on such days,
when you doubt wich way to go,
this song is still with you,
to let you know.

Dear Arthur Valentin,
this song ends up. I’m fine.
I want just let you know:
You are loved.

Andersen Storm © 2021