Hello World

Hello World is usually a placeholder for a better headline. But I like it here for my first blog post on my new website andersen-storm.com. So: hello world! How are you?

This year 2020 has an extraordinary number, but it didn’t seem to become a good year. It started badly for me and got even crazier. And then it got exciting for me. Just for me this way. The world continues to tremble with a threatening and dangerous virus. Me too, but you know all this stuff.

So, what happened in my life? I left my old life. The bridges broke on their own and I wasn’t interested in repairing them. It was time for me to find myself on a new level and reorganize. The level I’d left I had played through anyway. So, it was better for me to exchange the game than keep playing the old one, but faster, higher, further. It wouldn’t lead to any good, so I left.

Leaving the game also means leaving the group of players, whether they were friends or not. Time would tell. And time told. Told about deep cuts that didn’t let me be unwounded. But the deepest cut was the decision to stand up for myself and find a solid posture and a firm hold on which to grow further. Sounds complicated and not clear? It was. But there was a gamechanger that led me here, on this website.

I focused on music. On my own music I have written over so many years. Some songs I had performed with a band, some I had played for the audience of several monthly reading stages. Some songs I had shared “unpublished” on my podcasts “Andersens Kaffeetasse” and “Bevorichesvergesse” and weblog. But for more than five years the events were sporadicly untill my last one, testing a new program in the end of 2018. It was sucessful. But I didn’t have enough power to do everything by myself that had to do with my gigs. And so, I wrote songs and stories for my scrapbook. Less and less.

In March 2020 I started a project on my own to record all the songs I have ever written. At least documentarily. I called it M3L. Later on I will tell what it means, but maybe not in this article. I have worked with project knowledge for more than 20 years and I know how important it is to feel comfortable with project culture. I made plans and sheets and time tables. I organized a online based storing platform to be able to hear the recorded music with different speakers and headphones and to be mobile. I createtd a working space and a work flow just for myself.

And than I dived deep into that flow!

To be continued. Any Comments?


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