I got reviews for my song Two Hearts

Single "Two Hearts" (2020)

The sound of the electric guitar flowing gently throughout the song and the warm voice that seems to be quietly harmoniously. A song comfortable to listen to with a lyrical singing atmosphere. It blends well with the whispering dreamy voice, so it feels more affectionate.

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I let out my song Two Hearts that I have written in September 2020, at the first of November 2020 in a hurry because I needed it released on the Internet for a purpose. At this time I released another song Rainbow 2020 and used the few marketing mechanism you have without a budget for this song. So it was a silent release for Two Hearts, and as to expect no one was aware of this because no one had heard about it.

That’s the way self publishing goes. The marketing is on yourself. And though the songwriting, instrumenting, recording, playing, singing, mixing and mastering is a bunch of work and knowledge, the marketing is the hardest part for me. Well, if you don’t have a lot, and I mean large amounts, of money in your budget for the song, there is only one further option to get seen with it: you have an supporting audience already. But I have not. Most of that tools, like facebook adds or email marketing don’t fit without an existing audience.

So I do what I can do with my humble options and I use less expansive tools to be seen with my music on the world’s largest music streaming platform. That’s why I promote my Spotify songs in my social media channels. And hopefully it will get heard some day not so far away. That’s what music is made for, isn’t it?

One way to get in contact with playlist curators on Spotify is to book a “soundcampaign” on a platform that matches songs of self publishing musicians with relevant playlists you have to choose. Remember I can only spend a small budget, but I appreciate the tool and would do much more there if I could. A really good side effect of the process on that platform on soundcamps.com is that you get reviews of your songs from the playlist owners. Some of those a very helpful, most of them are cheering up. I like that.

Here are some more quotes of reviews that I got from Spotify playlist curators relating to my song Two Hearts these days:

I liked your instruments and vocals. Mixing of the vocal is excellent and your back vocals are also amazing.

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Great song guys! I loved the vocals and the track has been mixed and mastered pretty well!

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It is very chill, perfect to play it when you are in the gym. I think my listeners are going to love it.

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This track has a great rhythm, very catchy, very pleasant and relaxing with the tone of voice.

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